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Mastering Spanish has never been more fun!

Online lessons with Spanish Native Teachers, in your time zone.

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1-on-1 classes

Our individual classes are like having a personal Spanish coach. We adjust to your needs so you can learn at your own pace. Let's do this together!

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Live classes 100% online

Imagine learning Spanish from the comfort of your own home. Our live classes are like a meeting with friends, but with expert teachers. Join the fun, learn and connect without leaving your home.

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Conversational Classes

Let's talk Spanish in a relaxed and enjoyable way. Our conversational classes are like chats between friends. You will learn to communicate in a fun and easy way. Join us and discover the pleasure of speaking Spanish.

Paulina O'Ryan J.
CEO Home Class Academy

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About me

Are you currently navigating the challenge of finding Spanish courses for you or your kids, that not only cater to your learning needs but also inspire and sustain your motivation from start to finish?

As the Executive Director of Home Class Academy, I understand the importance of a learning environment that not only meets your educational needs but also keeps you engaged and motivated. Our online institution is dedicated to empowering both Spanish-speaking students through English education and English-speaking students through Spanish education.

With a rich background as a bilingual early childhood educator and elementary school teacher, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our dynamic learning environment. I extend a warm welcome to you at Home Class Academy, where our commitment to fostering Spanish proficiency in English-speaking students is paramount. Drawing on over 16 years of experience as a bilingual early childhood educator and elementary school teacher, coupled with a Master's Degree in Language Teaching from Universidad de los Andes, Chile, I am dedicated to providing a unique educational experience.

It would be a privilege to have you join our community.

Get to know our Spanish Classes

This are our students' favorite classes.


Claudia Schiaffino

As a family we are very happy and satisfied to see that our son is learning with great enthusiasm. He has noticeably improved his pronunciation and vocabulary and is able to elaborate conversations on his own. We thank the whole team of teachers for their commitment.

Fabiola Montecinos

I have my children in classes. The children have progressed a lot, they feel much more confident and they like the classes. It has been a good experience, because with the pandemic they were not learning this language properly at school and now they have both been evaluated with the highest score in their course!

Gustavo Martinez

My experience with the classes has been excellent, they are not overwhelming for a person who works, the timing is good and the class is intense but it is very entertaining. I definitely recommend it, in my house I started and now there are two of us in class, one adult and one child, both happy with the course and eager to continue learning.

Carla Pérez

We have noticed a significant improvement in our daughter's vocabulary. Alma entered in a very demanding bilingual school and we were a little scared of the change at the beginning, precisely because of the language, but with the great support and perseverance of the teachers, nothing was so terrible, my daughter is happy with the pedagogical system and is learning day by day.

Gloria G.

We have noticed great progress in our daughter, especially in aspects such as vocabulary and confidence to communicate her ideas.
The classes are very entertaining since the methodology used based on interactive games makes it dynamic and very fluid for the children.
We are very happy!

Accelerate your Spanish learning

With Our Natural Approach Method

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Free Trial Class

1-on-1 Class with 100% Dedicated Teacher

Short and Medium Term Learning

Frequently asked questions

Numerous methodologies profess the attainment of fluency and proficiency within a mere three months. The efficacy of such approaches, however, hinges upon several variables: a) the daily commitment to practicing with diverse materials, b) exposure to the language through live conversations, videos, music, and movies, and c) the clarity and specificity of your language-learning objectives."

Fluency in Spanish is facilitated by the enjoyment and consistent practice of conversational skills. As a Romance language, Spanish shares similarities with other languages in the same family, such as French, Italian, Portuguese, among others. Therefore, if one possesses knowledge of any of these Romance languages, the process of learning Spanish is likely to be more accessible and expeditious. It is worth noting that language acquisition is not confined to age; while children may display greater adaptability due to the flexibility of their brains, remarkable learning outcomes have been observed in individuals as mature as 70 years old. The ease of learning Spanish becomes evident when approached with commitment and dedication.

The affirmative response holds true. Numerous distinctions exist between European and Latin American Spanish, with one of the most notable disparities being the accent. Even within Latin America, a plethora of accents prevails. Another significant contrast lies in the use of pronouns; while Spain employs the additional pronoun 'vosotros,' Central and Latin American regions utilize 'ustedes,' translating to 'all of you' or 'you all.' It is imperative to clarify, however, that despite these divergences, mutual intelligibility prevails among Spanish speakers. Consequently, acquiring proficiency in Chilean, Mexican, Colombian, or Guatemalan Spanish allows seamless communication even when interacting with speakers from Spain.

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